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All Your Ducks in a Row

Writer’s Digest prompt:

You’re in an epic pun off; whit is spewing out of your mouth and your opponent’s mouth with punishing purpose. What are some sweet puns you could use to really wipe the smile off your opponent’s face? Make sure not to frown on the worst of puns either—they’re all beautiful. Write this scene and battle of puns.

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Consequences and Shouting

So I found this blog post with thirteen writing prompts. This was the first one:

Write a scene showing a man and a woman arguing over the man’s friendship with a former girlfriend. Do not mention the girlfriend, the man, the woman, or the argument.

I love the idea. Challenging, but I gave it a shot. Came up with a pretty short scene (only a little over 200 words), but I think it (mostly) fulfills the criteria. Here’s my take on the prompt:

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Sleep Enough to Dream

Finally made myself take some time to write. Writer’s Digest Prompt from July 29th.

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Writer’s Digest Prompt: X Marks the Spot

Another prompt from writer’s digest: “You’re a pirate on a small pirate ship, that consists of only you, one other pirate and a captain. Recently you ransacked another ship and found a treasure map. After weeks of following it, you’ve finally found the island where “X” marks the spot. Write a scene where you find the buried treasure, only it’s not exactly the treasure you expected to find.”

“Has he moved?”
Wyatt’s words stirred me out of the near trance I’d been in as I’d climbed the stairs onto the deck. “Hm? The Captain? No, he hasn’t moved. He’s barely even talking anymore.” After the battle, the Captain had slipped into madness. We’d won, but it was Pyrrhic. The victory had come at the cost of our own crew. Now, as our small ship gently rose and fell, only myself, Wyatt, and the Captain were there to appreciate the complete lack of wind. Or of an island.
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Prompt 11, the last one for the night!

You are forging someone’s signature but it’s for a good reason. What is that reason?

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3 May 2014 Writer’s Night 2014-05-03 Part 10

Prompt 10:

Write about a recent incident you were involved in, from the point of view of someone else who was involved.

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Writer’s Night 2014-05-03 Part 9

Prompt 9:

She had to find the necklace, before

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Writer’s Night 2014-05-03 Part 8

Prompt 8:

You’re a private investigator taking photos of someone who spots what you are doing. What happens next?

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Writer’s Night 2014-05-03 Part 7


Prompt 7: The Empty Mirror

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Writer’s Night 2014-05-03 Part 6

Prompt 6:

You’re in prison and your partner is visiting for the first time. Write the conversation you have.

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