Word Prompt 2012-10-16 “Storm”

by rdhill316

565 Words, 30 minutes. Spent too much time editing.

Allison stared blankly out at the scene surrounding the estate. Above the tops of the trees that surrounded the grounds, thick dark clouds hung like an upside-down ocean. Waves of darker grey drooped down periodically; one in the distance descended further than the rest. Rain was coming. She didn’t hear Franklin walk up behind her, she never did. She felt him, instead. First the warmth — the heat — from his body, behind her and just off to the side. Then the light pressure of his hand on the small of her back. Hairs on her arms stood up instantly. Frank’s touch was electric. Or maybe it was the atmosphere; the AM radio that played classical music softly in the background popped jarringly but softly, announcing a strike of lightning somewhere in the distance. Allison didn’t see the flash. Thunder rolled a couple seconds later.
“Come back to bed, baby,” Frank implored. And that was how their relationship had always been. Allison had never seen Franklin coming, and then suddenly he was there. Filling her with electric excitement. Inviting her to bed.
Smiling, her eyes sparkling with delight and mischief, Allison turned around and let Frank lead her by the hand back into the bedroom. The thought that it should have been her husband leading her to their marital bed didn’t even enter into her head.

The cloud in the distance that had drooped low faded into a gradient as the bottom fell to earth. Off in that distance, the storm was starting.

It wasn’t as though there had ever been any problems between Allison and Foster, per se. Foster was a good man, honest, hard working, caring. Over the years, he and Allison had simply drifted apart. The tragedy of the mundane. No stormy fights, no financial troubles, none of the squalls that seemed to plague so many marriages. Simply the inevitable drift between two people who weren’t made for each other.

Foster had tried, tried hard to make it work. Vacations, variety in the bedroom, books, even therapy twice. But theey simply weren’t the same two people who had thought they were in love.

And then Allison met Frank at a reception for one of her clients. The attraction was instant, intense, and mutual. They slept together that night, and then often after that.

And as Frank laid Allison down on her bed, she knew that this time would be as intense as all the others. Passionate, firce. Stormy. Their bodies buffeted each other like wind against trees, sweat dripping from them like rain. And no shelter was sought from the tempest. They were each other’s shelter, until at last, their passion spent, they collapsed into each others’ arms.

It was a full minute before either of them saw Foster in the doorway.

A look of guilt and shame crossed Allison’s face. Instinctively, Allison pulled the sheets up to cover her nakedness. She opened her mouth to call out to he husband, but what was the point? She had no words to use. Foster’s face was crossed with the briefest shadow of sadness and disappointment before fading into blankness.

Wordlessly, Foster turned and left the bedroom, and walked to the front door. He hesitated only for a moment as he opened it. And as he reached his car in the driveway, the first few drops of rain began to spatter on the pavement.